Augmented Reality Art Viewing Platform

This was an ideal client: a self-funded and accomplished artist (Richard Shelton) that wanted to show lifetimes of work by accomplished yet under-represented artists in a pop-up art gallery in Los Angeles, down the street from LACMA. I enjoyed this as a HCI design study in modern art viewing.

The goal of this project was to show an artists’ entire collection of work (50+ years, thousands of works, many media) in a limited space compared to the typical gallery that only shows recent work, or a single series, or a sprawling multi-room museum.

The platform developed makes all art interactive and gives the viewer something to do rather than just observe passively: this allows greater engagement and immersion, as the visitor can explore the work, discover related works, studies, sketches, and biographical events in an intuitive manner.

I did the UX: user interviews / needs statements and use case derivation for scope of work, as well as developed the interaction prototypes that became the final IOT (beacon/ Core Location) and Augmented Reality modules, while gradient labs leveraged their past museum work into crafting the lovely smooth ‘infinite zoom’ final iOS application.

See below for footage of interaction, and other videos here.

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tsla_art_3 tsla_art-2tlsa_art_1

In the years since, I’ve seen the same features emerge in New York, Amsterdam, and even our home.