Open Source Person Tracking for the Arts

The early work in 2014 continues through 2018 and beyond – it’s an open source person tracking project that is meant for creative uses of person tracking.

Installed ten multi-sensor installations (and counting) throughout 2014 & early 2015 using OpenPtrack, a scalable open-source tool for person detection and tracking using an arbitrary number of cameras and computers.

spent time deploying, debugging, documenting, and working w/ initial developers to extend the functionality and usability of what is a complex (and frankly pretty amazing) tool.

Tools: C++, Robot Operating System (ROS), RGBD Cameras

Read more about OpenPTrack.

view video of system (captured during fine-tuning, not final state)

Academic Paper

more detail on applications for k-12 learning

and a playlist of other videos from development

Point Cloud from Swiss Ranger OpenPTrack