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I was lucky and grateful to contribute to National Science Foundation’s Future Internet project, practicing software research in networking, data modeling, and application design during my time as a UCLA Staff Research Analyst.

Doing so gave me a foundation in networking that is holistically useful for future-proofing and scaling ‘normal’ IP-based network applications.

Our role was to write applications in both IP and NDN, then compare them. But thanks to the brilliance of many others involved, it was so much more than that !

It was indeed a re-wilding of the internet, 12 years before that article.

Our initial applications included video streaming, IOT sensors, and interactive media performance, video conferencing and digital collaboration.

Since then, I’ve seen NDN research touch Weather Simulation, Video Streaming, Automotive networking to name but a few.


Named Data Networking NDN is an NSF-funded research initiative that involves numerous institutions working together to build and test tomorrow’s Internet.

At it’s core, NDN replaces the IP datagram, with two packets – Interest, and content. The packets share a name; it’s this name that is routed on, not hosts. NDN does not require IP addresses, but can run as overlay over IP.

There are numerous affordances that appear to emerge with this fundamental architectural change; it’s been our job to test them. Protocol securitycontrol systemssensor and video publishing have been central to research.

My initial project as programmer/analyst in 2011 was lighting controller as a demo of SCADA / cybersecurity / Internet of Things with NDN. A custom security and control protocol was designed, implemented, tested, attacked. see peer-reviewed publication & technical report .

I also tested layer 2 video, managed 8 testbed streaming video boxes for 18 months, deployed countless applications, made project websites, and supported regular demonstrations of the technologies at conferences and to lab visitors.

As a means of preparing for this work, I wrote two reports for a concurrent class I was taking – on internet evolution, and security protocols – inspired by early work on NDN.

The Future Internet Architecture initiative was 2010-2013; next phase research continues, and an industry consortium was formed in 2014, and NDN keeps going in 2024 !

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draft / unpublished

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