Realtime Video Art

from 1997 – 2002 I did realtime video with an SGI o2, often making sensors for input until cameras ate the sensors.

Culminated with winning a contest for Brothomstates Music Video for Warp Records / Creative Review contest (info here, video here).

Played with (at least) Chicago Artists: Dj Heather, Dayhota, and Colette (together, Superjane!), DJ Bob/Arctor/Palindrome, Atmospheric Audio Chair, Derrick Carter, James Anthony, Pulse Programming, Salvo Beta, Starphase 23, among others.

Visiting Artists: Joey Beltram, Josh Wink, Phonecia, Richard Devine, Kim Cascone, Funkstorung, Mixmaster Morris, Dj Spooky, Dj Krush, Scott Draves.

short sample of video, here.



more to come…