Digital Mural Authoring and Performance

Sensors enabled the public to interact with the web-authored murals through body movements being dynamically mapped to concepts. My role was extracting documenting needs and use cases from the proposal & team, then implementing (developing) them over a 4 month

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YouMedia UX

Formal Usability Study and UX as a final project for a usability class, instructed by Nicole Pinkard when she was at DePaul. It was a real-world project: how to get urban youth access to the numerous extracurricular opportunities available ?

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Face Invaders

This was a functional prototype toward an idea of emotive inversion. You smile, it frowns. It oppresses. It reads your emotions, and is rather menacing. It was meant as a reaction to people’s default ‘wow’ when it comes to tech

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Web Development

As BBSing grew into early web experimentation in 1994-7, I did my first commercial website (for a shoe store) in 1998. As freelance (2004-2008) and as staff (2008-2010) I worked at an Omnicom agency making numerous websites and apps for

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