Mobile Development

Augmented Reality Art Viewing Platform

This was an ideal client: a self-funded and accomplished artist that wanted to show lifetimes of work (his, and others) in a pop-up art gallery in Los Angeles, down the street from LACMA. This was effectively an HCI design study

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Smart Snowboard

Worked with a great group of 4 talented hackers over 3 months in our spare time to develop a really great little circuit that gets mounted in a snowboard. Overall point was to use natural motion data via 6 DOF sensor

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LASHP Trails

Worked with UCLA REMAP to make the LASHP Trails, which soft launched in April 2014. press from April soft-launch: gizmodo ABC news My role was back-end, mostly python & json w/ some php & mysql in service of an HTML5

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Wearable Augmented Realities

Google Glass development as part of a research project at UCLA Software prototypes included continuous photography, sensor broadcast, video publishing and realtime distributed teleprompter. some press here, and here. some small bits of the code, here… Tools: Java, Android SDK, Glass GDK. Working

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YouMedia UX

Formal Usability Study and UX as a final project for a usability class, instructed by Nicole Pinkard when she was at DePaul. It was a real-world project: how to get urban youth access to the numerous extracurricular opportunities available ?

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Education, Agriculture, Technology

EAT is a Chicago-based nonprofit that focuses on food production and technology as a means to enhance education, personal health & environmental awareness. It does so by hosting hackathons, engaging other non profits, and facilitating funding. Data farming for urban farming.

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iPhone Apps

A mobile version of a calendar and print-project site. One of the first applications to use HP’s cloud print API. This, along with PhotoBooth, was my first commercial IOS application. Performed while working for Apps remained online 2010 –

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