Smart Snowboard

Worked with a great group of 4 talented hackers over 3 months in our spare time to develop a really great little circuit that gets mounted in a snowboard. Overall point was to use natural motion data via 6 DOF sensor

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iPhone Apps

A mobile version of a calendar and print-project site. One of the first applications to use HP’s cloud print API. This, along with PhotoBooth, was my first commercial IOS application. Performed while working for Apps remained online 2010 –

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Web Development

As BBSing grew into early web experimentation in 1994-7, I did my first commercial website (for a shoe store) in 1998. As freelance (2004-2008) and as staff (2008-2010) I worked at an Omnicom agency making numerous websites and apps for

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Warhol Timeline

Wrote custom serial driver for capacitive touchscreen z-depth, and added actionscript to existing application to interface. (2007). tools: Flash/Actionscript, Python, PHP, Java, Linux, XML project site.

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Designed and deployed 100 Mac Mini based touchscreen kiosks for showroom use across the US for a large manufacturer of faucets. Dual-purpose assets allowed a web version, as well. Kiosks not online, thus USB-key based system for logging and upgrading

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Point of Sale System

Developed a Point of Sale system w/ Kiosks in 2003 from scratch from user interviews & needs extraction per role. Went to extreme of building our own credit card gateway to avoid third party transaction costs. Credit card swipe was

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