2018 Patent Awards

I made a tool that improved data quality of an ‘edge IOT’ application at work (which was not coincidentally the product I was hired to help maintain, extend, and refactor 2015 – 2017). It was submitted as a patent, but

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Augmented Reality Art Viewing Platform

This was an ideal client: a self-funded and accomplished artist that wanted to show lifetimes of work (his, and others) in a pop-up art gallery in Los Angeles, down the street from LACMA. This was effectively an HCI design study

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3D Person Tracking

The early work in 2014 continues through 2018 and beyond – it’s an open source person tracking project that is meant for creative uses of what is otherwise mere surveillance. Installed ten multi-sensor installations (and counting) throughout 2014 & early 2015

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Ambient Informatics

I wrote the original controlling software for a responsive bus bench – a rare on-campus collaboration between architecture and engineering – it was designed by the UCLA Architecture department and facilitated by our UCLA REMAP lab. The lights in the

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Hospital #3 – Digital Ocean

4800×1200 video wall array with 3D generative organisms that respond to both crowd behavior as well as individual children. Multiuser. Scatter, Attract (feed), and follow are primary gestures. Built computer, content (3d fish, ocean), software (3D engine, computer vision), installed

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Public Art Installs in UK

Working with a group of artists in the UK, I helped prototype future work while installing and maintaining ongoing work. Python, C, serial, Pure Data, linux, embedded systems

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Hospital #2

My 2nd Children’s Hospital installation was artwork for a new Children’s wing in Hackensack, NJ. Primary components: digital screen behind waterfall seamless indoor video windows interactive kiosks, audio spotlights, media server worked for MVMT with Setpixel to design build & install everything.

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Hospital #1 – Playscape

Interactive environmental sound installation in a Children’s Hospital waiting room. 64 frames of a 3D render fused into a PHSCologram by Artn. Natural sounds react to movements in the room and change with the time of day and the turning

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