Smart Snowboard

Worked with a great group of 4 talented hackers over 3 months in our spare time to develop a really great little circuit that gets mounted in a snowboard. (Samy Kamkar did the lighting patterns, and NameTheMachine did the music.)

Overall point was to use natural motion data via 6 DOF sensor and allow rider to control audio playback on the phone, and lighting effects on the board, in realtime.

Gizmodo Article

Snowboard Video

my role was the ‘IOT Glue’ :

  • make 9DOF sensor pass data to iOS via BTLE (Bluetooth 4.0 / Low Energy)
    • (Arduino, ObjectiveC / Swift)
  • integrate an audio processing engine (libPD) into the iOS app
  • then do a little data visualization.
  • Also sent back out OSC from iOS for refining audio on desktop.

took me about, oh, 77.5 hours to build and refine.

(so far) completely unrelated to the internet of things research back at work.

(Arduino platform is incredible when compared to to PIC/BASIC Stamp platform from 15 years ago )

honorable mention – 3 years after our project, someone did a fantastic job with full-board LED (video)

and a nice Wired article on the wizards at Signal Snowboards