Future Internet Architecture Research

As a UCLA Staff Research Analyst, I was fortunate to contribute to the National Science Foundation’s Future Internet project called Named Data Networking (NDN). We wrote applications in both IP and NDN to compare them, contributing to the development of a research initiative to build and test tomorrow’s Internet.

NDN replaces IP datagrams with two packets – Interest and Content – routed based on names, not hosts. Yes you read that right ! An internet without IP Addresses, only named content. This architectural change offers several potential advantages, including enhanced protocol security, SCADA/IOT control systems, and efficient content distribution (more info).

My initial project involved a lighting controller demo for SCADA/cybersecurity/Internet of Things with NDN : I designed, implemented, tested, and had attacked a custom security and control protocol, resulting in a peer-reviewed publication and technical report. other applications I supported included protocol securitycontrol systemssensor and video publishing by writing and extending modules for applications demonstrating the technologies.

The Future Internet Architecture initiative ran from 2010-2013, with ongoing research and an industry consortium formed in 2014, NDN continues to develop and gain relevancy.

It was indeed a re-wilding of the internet, 12 years before that article.

This work was foundational for my understanding of the designing and scaling modern networked applications.

As a means of preparing for this work, before starting, I wrote two reports for coursework – on internet evolution, and security protocols – inspired by early work on NDN.

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draft / unpublished

draft / unpublished

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