Face Invaders AR Artwork

This was initially a functional prototype toward an idea of emotive inversion. You smile, it frowns. It oppresses. It reads your emotions, and is rather menacing.

It was meant as a playful reaction to people’s default ‘wow’ when it comes to ‘tech art’, combined with the long tail of possible social harm from the new technologies (in this case, facial recognition). So often the beauty / magic of the technological interface distracts us from cultural critique or insight we expect of other forms of art in me too era, or even pre-AI ethical discussions about software engineering.

While this was just a sketch – a mash up of Jared’s infinite invader, with this fellow’s actionscript implementation of haars classifer cascade – it was enough to show at FILE in 2008 as FaceInvaders – the first installation I’ve ever done, that was just a web page. Not 3 computers, not random sensors… just a web cam, and a URL. refreshingly simple !

Also note, 4 years later, this can now be done without flash in a browser w/ html5 usermedia. see here for example

or here if you want to be Sean Connery. and really, who doesn’t? zardoz aside.

…and a decade later, Snapchat Lenses