Web Interaction Design

As BBSing in early 90s grew into early web experimentation in 1994-7, I did my first commercial website (for a Chicago shoe store) in 1998 (RIP Soul Junkies !)

As freelance (2004-2008) and then as staff (2008-2010) I worked at an Omnicom agency making numerous websites and apps for corporations ranging from HP, Nike, Grainger, and many others.

Programming screen based interaction was a basis for immersive interactive experience design.

Later on during undergraduate, enjoyed learning formal HCI principles that extended UI/UX process, as well as fundamentals of networking that inform every application designed since.

Tools: Flash/Actionscript, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Java, PHP

10 years later : NDN Future Internet Architecture

15 years later : blockchain

20 years later: AI

behold, the internet !


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