2018 Patent Awards

I made a tool that improved data quality of an ‘edge IOT’ application at work (which was not coincidentally the product I was hired to help maintain, extend, and refactor 2015 – 2017). It was submitted as a patent, but

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Interactive Data Visualization of Bicycle Accidents

This is an interactive data visualization that allows intuitively deep exploration of a dataframe on bicycle accidents in Chicago. Day of Week, Time of Day, Severity of Accident, Hit and Run, and Month*, are both sub-plots and Interactive Filters that

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Augmented Reality Art Viewing Platform

This was an ideal client: a self-funded and accomplished artist that wanted to show lifetimes of work (his, and others) in a pop-up art gallery in Los Angeles, down the street from LACMA. This was effectively an HCI design study

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Smart Snowboard

Worked with a great group of 4 talented hackers over 3 months in our spare time to develop a really great little circuit that gets mounted in a snowboard. Overall point was to use natural motion data via 6 DOF sensor

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3D Person Tracking

The early work in 2014 continues through 2018 and beyond – it’s an open source person tracking project that is meant for creative uses of what is otherwise mere surveillance. Installed ten multi-sensor installations (and counting) throughout 2014 & early 2015

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LASHP Trails

Worked with UCLA REMAP to make the LASHP Trails, which soft launched in April 2014. press from April soft-launch: gizmodo ABC news My role was back-end, mostly python & json w/ some php & mysql in service of an HTML5

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Experimental Urban Art & Architecture

Was pleased to help produce the LA launch of Skyline in Downtown LA Feb 13-22, 2014. 10 impossibly creative installations and musical performances in buildings rarely open to the public. for free! See LA Times article about the event. More information

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Wearable Augmented Realities

Google Glass development as part of a research project at UCLA Software prototypes included continuous photography, sensor broadcast, video publishing and realtime distributed teleprompter. some press here, and here. some small bits of the code, here… Tools: Java, Android SDK, Glass GDK. Working

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Einstein’s Dreams

“Wearable Sensors for Multimedia Performance” Einstein’s Dreams As an experiment in augmentation of live aerial performance, I wrote engine to process and filter realtime data from the VN-100 industrial gyroscope, as well as various motion graphics templates for an intensive one-week

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Digital Mural Authoring and Performance

Sensors enabled the public to interact with the web-authored murals through body movements being dynamically mapped to concepts. My role was extracting documenting needs and use cases from the proposal & team, then implementing (developing) them over a 4 month

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Ambient Informatics

I wrote the original controlling software for a responsive bus bench – a rare on-campus collaboration between architecture and engineering – it was designed by the UCLA Architecture department and facilitated by our UCLA REMAP lab. The lights in the

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Creative Capital

The sculpture, commissioned by Transmedia 2012, visualizes creative labor and its relationship to GDP across the world: it has five intertwined strands of fifty lighting elements, each of which represents a country. They are arranged by GDP per capita, progressing from the so-called

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Future Internet Architecture

Named Data Networking NDN is an NSF-funded research initiative that involves numerous institutions working together to build and test tomorrow’s Internet. At it’s core, NDN replaces the IP datagram, with two packets – Interest, and content. The packets share a name;

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YouMedia UX

Formal Usability Study and UX as a final project for a usability class, instructed by Nicole Pinkard when she was at DePaul. It was a real-world project: how to get urban youth access to the numerous extracurricular opportunities available ?

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Education, Agriculture, Technology

EAT is a Chicago-based nonprofit that focuses on food production and technology as a means to enhance education, personal health & environmental awareness. It does so by hosting hackathons, engaging other non profits, and facilitating funding. Data farming for urban farming.

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iPhone Apps

A mobile version of a calendar and print-project site. One of the first applications to use HP’s cloud print API. This, along with PhotoBooth, was my first commercial IOS application. Performed while working for Agency.com. Apps remained online 2010 –

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Bustin’ Out

An installation for an annual week-long experimental art & architecture event in New Orleans. Visitors would experience their head projected on a bust, tony-style, but then the face would blend into some notable famous dude along with a quote. more

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Hospital #3 – Digital Ocean

4800×1200 video wall array with 3D generative organisms that respond to both crowd behavior as well as individual children. Multiuser. Scatter, Attract (feed), and follow are primary gestures. Built computer, content (3d fish, ocean), software (3D engine, computer vision), installed

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Face Invaders

This was a functional prototype toward an idea of emotive inversion. You smile, it frowns. It oppresses. It reads your emotions, and is rather menacing. It was meant as a reaction to people’s default ‘wow’ when it comes to tech

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Web Development

As BBSing grew into early web experimentation in 1994-7, I did my first commercial website (for a shoe store) in 1998. As freelance (2004-2008) and as staff (2008-2010) I worked at an Omnicom agency making numerous websites and apps for

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Thought Bubbles

Two storefront windows along Canal street in New Orleans were transformed for one week into nightly ‘intelligent video mirrors’ for an Art & Architecture festival. One simply took pictures of anyone who faced their reflection for more than 3 seconds,

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Atlas In Silico

Participated in a team to realize a 60-monitor stereoscopic VR experience that allowed the user multimodal interaction with over the millions of new proteins from Craig Venter’s CAMERA project; which followed Darwin’s path, sampling and sequencing the ocean at various

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Warhol Timeline

Wrote custom serial driver for capacitive touchscreen z-depth, and added actionscript to existing application to interface. (2007). tools: Flash/Actionscript, Python, PHP, Java, Linux, XML project site.

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Public Art Installs in UK

Working with a group of artists in the UK, I helped prototype future work while installing and maintaining ongoing work. Python, C, serial, Pure Data, linux, embedded systems

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Hospital #2

My 2nd Children’s Hospital installation was artwork for a new Children’s wing in Hackensack, NJ. Primary components: digital screen behind waterfall seamless indoor video windows interactive kiosks, audio spotlights, media server worked for MVMT with Setpixel to design build & install everything.

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Designed and deployed 100 Mac Mini based touchscreen kiosks for showroom use across the US for a large manufacturer of faucets. Dual-purpose assets allowed a web version, as well. Kiosks not online, thus USB-key based system for logging and upgrading

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Point of Sale System

Developed a Point of Sale system w/ Kiosks in 2003 from scratch from user interviews & needs extraction per role. Went to extreme of building our own credit card gateway to avoid third party transaction costs. Credit card swipe was

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Actual coordinates of 300,000 Galaxies plotted and projected, responding in realtime to the proximity of the viewer(s). 15 feet of gallery floor space is thus isomorphically aligned to the 15 billion light years of our visible universe. All data was

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Interactive bathroom mirrors w/ video effects and information graphic overlays. Made custom plugins to existing open source software. Also interactive bathroom foyer projection indicating occupancy, average wait times, as well as interactive artificial life for those waiting. Also consulted w/

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Hospital #1 – Playscape

Interactive environmental sound installation in a Children’s Hospital waiting room. 64 frames of a 3D render fused into a PHSCologram by Artn. Natural sounds react to movements in the room and change with the time of day and the turning

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Play (at Danny’s)

Play was Chicago’s longest running weekly experimental night (eventually second only to Jeff Parker‘s and John Herndon‘s Tuesday @ Rodan). (for seasonal, not weekly, hats off to Lampo!) Every single Monday night from 1997 to 2004, Chicago’s underground electronic music  had

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Realtime Video Art

from 1997 – 2002 I did realtime video with an SGI o2, often making sensors for input until cameras ate the sensors. Culminated with winning a contest for Brothomstates Music Video for Warp Records / Creative Review contest (info here,

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